All graduates have equal access to the Career Services Department. The Institution maintains job placement assistance and will make every effort to supply employment leads to all graduates. The Job Placement Representatives are actively involved in finding job leads for the graduates. The Job Placement personnel fax the graduates’ resumes to employers and follow up on interviews and prepare extensive case notes for each of the interviews arranged on a daily basis. The Institution hosts employer open houses so that employers may visit the Institution. The graduates are informed of upcoming job fairs by the Job Placement Department so that graduates may participate and meet with employers. It is likewise expected that all graduates will fully cooperate with the Career Services Department in the job search activities, and will demonstrate a good faith effort in securing a position in their field of study.No guarantees are made concerning job placement as an inducement to enroll, nor can promises be made that placement is assured upon graduation.

Graduation for all vocational programs of study is accomplished by satisfactory completion of all course requirements, maintaining satisfactory attendance and the required grade point average, and arranging for payment of all financial obligations. Upon graduation, a student will receive a diploma in his/her field of study. Students in all programs should check with their Instructor, Registrar, Financial Planning Department, and the Placement/Career Services Department to be certain that they have satisfied all specific department criteria for graduation.

No Diploma will be issued, unless the student has completed the required clock hours, theory hours and practical operations, and has a Grade average of 70% or a “C”.

Cosmetica Beauty and Barbering Academy observes the following holidays during which the Institution is closed and there are no classes held on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Classes do not generally exceed a ratio of one (1) instructor/lecturer to 25 students for lecture classes and a ratio of one (I) instructor to 20 students for lab classes.

All courses are taught in English and Spanish only.