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Maria Teresa Villarreal

As the director of an Institution that provides education in the science and art of beauty, education is and will always be one of the most important aspects. Teaching provides us the opportunity to continue learning and growing and I believe that instructors have the most important job because instructors are shaping the lives of their students in their new profession.

One of my wishes is that as educators, we remain in love with the education for our students and share with them our passion of always being willing to acquire new knowledge.

It is very important that our students not only receive a solid education, but also be there for them with respect and sensitivity to their individual needs. We want our students to know that they are very important to us and that we understand that not all students learn to the same extent or at the same level as all their peers. As educators, we know that one of our many responsibilities is to always to find the appropriate way for each student to acquire the necessary knowledge.

We always want to maintain an environment where our instructs, students, and all staff treat each other with respect and equality. We always plan to be at the forefront of technology because it plays a great role in the education of our students increasing the quality of learning. Always help our students to discover all the opportunities that are available to them in their career industry.

Our goal is that our students, even after completing their studies, accept us as part of their community and continue to provide them with the necessary support in their continuing education and rejoice together in their successes as professionals!

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